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Establish in 1978, Rogelfrut has a history of forty years. Rogelfrut is one of the few manufacturers that produces organic frozen fruit puree in Europe. It is famous for producing 100% natural organic purees, which greatly marks its quality commitment all along. Besides, As one of the largest fruit suppliers of Italy, Rogelfrut is committed to providing its customer with the best selected fruit.

Molecular Gastronomy line of products derived from the El Bulli of Spain, which is a world-famous restaurant. It's located in Catalan coast, the northeast of Spain, and managed by Ferran Adrià and his brother Albert Adrià. Since its inception in 1997, ElBullitaller of Spain was called as ideal Cooking Master for its Superior quality and advanced concept.

Dawn food, situates in Jackson, Michigan, having a history of over a century. During this years, Dawn was witnessed from a family bakery to an international pastry manufacture. You currently have known as Sucrea, Fruibel, Dethmers, Baker’s Select and / or Caullet, come under one Dawn family brand from January 2015 onwards.

It has been over one hundred years of Royal Steensma, which is a professional manufacturer for bread, pastry, diary product and ice cream as well as its agency.

Tulip Couverture Chocolate is handpicked from plantations in Africa,South America and Asia with premium quality. It has a unique balanced flavour and enticing color.

Fruitlife is derived from the well-known frozen fruits enterprise of Netherlands. Established in 1971, Fruitlife has been in this line for more than 40 years. Fruitlife advocates to provide customers with superior quality, 100% original healthy fruit products and to develop an professional enterprises which integrate R&D, production and sales.

Located in Haute-Savoie, between lake and mountains, Chocolatree is a SME specialized in decoration for pastry. With up to 50 years of experience, Chocolatree is one of the leading company in this industry in France. Designed by Pascal Brunstein (MOF), only topping this crowning achievement with the prestigious award of the Pastry World Cup inStuttgart in 1990.
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